Mahatma Gandhi Facts – 37 Interesting Facts about Mahatma Gandhi

There are some very Interesting Mahatma Gandhi Facts that would surprise you. If you are looking for Gandhi facts for kid or simply facts about Gandhi, then our experts have collected some very surprising & Interesting facts about Mahatma Gandhi
Gandhi was one of the most iconic and famous politicians of the century.
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mahatma gandhi facts & interesting facts about mahatma gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi Facts

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Mahatma Gandhi Facts

  1. Time Magzine of U.S. named Mahatma Gandhi ‘The Man of the Year’ in 1930.
  2. Mahatma Gandhi never traveled on a plane. He believed in simplicity. Though he had such a large influence, he preferred to travel by roads or steamers.
  3. Gandhiji had very bad hand writing. His teachers at law school always complained about his illegible handwriting.
  4. Everyone was prohibited to photograph Gandhiji when he was fasting. The British don’t want people to agitate after seeing Gandhiji fasting.
  5. For about 5 years Gandhi Ji survived only by eating fruits, nuts, and seeds in his diet, but later he shifted to only vegetarian diet when he started having health problems.
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  6. Gandhiji also avoided milk products, but when his started having health problems, he starting drinking goat milk. Sometimes he even traveled with his goat so that he can have fresh goat milk, and to avoid having cow’s or buffalo’s milk.
  7. The image of Gandhiji has appeared on all denominations of Indian currency since the year 1966
    gandhi images

    gandhi images

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  8. The child marriage of Gandhi Ji and Kasturba was prearranged. Gandhi Ji was 13 and Kasturba was 14 years old.
    Mahatma Gandhi Wife Kasturba Gandhi

    Mahatma Gandhi Wife Kasturba Gandhi

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    Gandhi Ji and his wife had their first child when Gandhi was just 15. The child succumbed to weakness within few days, later they had four sons before he took a vow of celibacy.
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  9. (Check this article about ‘Mahatma Gandhi Family Tree’ & his sons here)
  10. Gandhi Ji was assassinated by a Hindu activist on Jan 30, 1948. He was shot thrice at a close range.
  11. Gandhiji’s last words were ‘Hey Ram’ which means ‘oh god’ before he collapsed on the ground.
  12. Gandhi Ji’s funeral was attained by two million people, the crowd was file miles long.

    Interesting Facts about Mahatma Gandhi

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  13. An Ash Urn that once contained Gandhi’s ashes is now kept at a shrine at Los Angeles in California.
  14. The United Nations (U.N.) declared October 2 the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi as the ‘International Nonviolence day’ since 2007.
  15. Gandhi Ji was introvert and shy when he was young. He would run home from school because he didn’t like to talk to people.
  16. He loved walking. He uses to walk tens of miles every day. During Dandi March he walked 241 miles from his ashram to the sea shore of Dandi. He did this at the age of 60.
    famous gandhi quotes

    famous gandhi quotes

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  17. In 1931 when Gandhi ji was in England he made his first radio broadcast for the U.S. The first things that went on AIR for the people of U.S. was ‘Do I have to speak into this thing?’
  18. Gandhi Ji was very disciplined and punctual. One of his few possession was a pocket watch which he always carried with him. Just before he was assassinated he was quite upset as he was already 10 minutes late for the prayers.
  19. Haper-Collins publishers declared Mahatma Gandhi’s autobiography ‘My experiments with truth’ as one of the ‘100 Most Important Spiritual Books of the 20th Century’
  20. Gandhi Ji was nominated for Noble peace prize but never awarded Noble as Noble prize was not given after the death of the person.
    (Here are some mahatma gandhi facts for kid)
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    Gandhi Facts for Kid

  21. Gandhi Ji had a false set of teeth which he carried in his loin cloth. He used them only when he wants to eat something and later washed them and kept them back in his loin cloth.
  22. Mahatma Gandhi spoke English with an Irish Accent because one of his first teachers was an Irishman.
    be the change

    be the change Gandhi quote

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  23. While in London he wore a hat, suit and carried a cane. But on arrival in India and watching the poverty in the country he renounced luxury clothing and just wore a humble loin cloth for rest of his life.
  24. He got educated at London University and became an attorney. But in his first attempt to make a speech in the court room he had a nervous breakdown and couldn’t speak a word. He was defeated there.
  25. He went to South Africa for some huge debt collection, there was a great demand for Indian lawyers in South Africa. There he got many clients as he went famous for settling cases outside the court saving time and expense for his clients.
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  26. In South Africa, his income once touched fifteen thousand dollars a year which was a huge amount then.
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  27. Mahatma Gandhi always experimented with his diet as he believed that there was a direct relationship between your diet and mind. He started living on fruits, nuts, goat’s milk and olive oil.
  28. Mahatma Gandhi never visited the United States, but he had many American fans and following.
  29. Henry Ford was one of his admirers. Mahatma Gandhi once sent him a Charkha(spinning wheel) with his autograph through a journalist emissary. Gandhi ji also communicated with henry ford by letters.
    about mahatma gandhi

    mahatma Gandhi

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    Some more Interesting Facts about Mahatma Gandhi

  30. Gandhi ji once stole some gold of his dad, but later confessed this to him.
  31. As a child, Mahatma Gandhi once got into the influence of bad company. He started smoking bidi(a type of Indian cigarette) and also ate non-veg as his friends told him that it gives strength. But later felt guilty for it.
  32. Mahatma Gandhi loved his mother tongue Gujrathi very much. He wrote his autobiography-‘My experiments with truth’ in Gujrathi. Later his personal assistant Shri Mahadev Desai translated his autobiography into English.
  33. Gandhi was basically very helping and concerned about others. Once while he was boarding train one of his shoes slipped and fell on to the track. He instantly removed the other shoe and threw it near the first one. His intention was to help the person who would find the pair and help himself.
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  34. The title of ‘Mahatma’ was given to Gandhiji by Rabindranath Tagore. One day in 1915, Gandhiji went to Santiniketan Asharam to see Rabindranath Tagore. On meeting, he wished him, ‘Namaste Gurudev’. To this Rabindranath replied, ‘ If I am Gurudev, you are Mahatma,’ From then the prefix or title of ‘Mahatma’ was used before the name of Gandhi Ji.
  35. Steve Jobs used to wear specs like Gandhi as a tribute to him. Jobs was a great admirer of Gandhi.
    (some final Interesting Facts about Mahatma Gandhi)
  36. Gandhi Ji’s political Mentor was Gopal Krishna Gokhale.
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  37. It’s strange, Jesus Christ was crucified on Friday. Gandhi Ji’s birthday was on Friday. India achieved its freedom on Friday. And Gandhi ji was also assassinated on Friday. All Friday Friday.

Bonus: Additional Mahatma Gandhi Facts

  1. The autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi was titled “My experiments with truth”, with he originally wrote in 1927 in Gujrathi. Latter it was translated by Shri Mahadev Desai.
  2. The name of Mahatma Gandhi’s personal secretary was Shri Mahadev Desai.
  3. Mahatma Gandhi was held prisoner at aga khan palace for few years along with kasturba gandhi, mahadev desai and sarogini naidu. Kasturba Gandhi and Mahadev Desai died at Aga Khan Palace when they were captive there.
  4. Mahatma Gandhi stayed with Kasturba Gandhi at Sabarmati Ashram for about 12 years.
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  5. Gandhi ji took Dandi march from Sabarmati Ashram to the Sea Shore of Dandi to observe Salt Satyagrah. He walked for 390 kms from Sabarmati Ashram to Dandi followed by thousands of people.

Hope you like our collection of mahatma gandhi facts. If you too have interesting facts about mahatma gandhi or gandhi facts for kids, then please let us know in comments bellow. And wish you Happy Gandhi Jayanti 2020 on 2nd October.

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